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Thank You to All Those Who Made Gifts in Memory of Mark John Cieszynski
My name is Gail Lumenello. Mark Cieszynski was my younger brother, best friend and Mark happened to have Down Syndrome. Mark was 50 years old when he passed away on August 6, 2010. I would like to tell you what an extraordinary guy he was. Mark had a great since of humor and could do a great imitation of the three stooges. Mark had many friends and a pet dog too. He was sensitive, caring and active in many sports. Mark loved bowling and he enjoyed his Saturday bowling league. He also was an avid fan of the World Wide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He enjoyed going to disco to dance, he liked playing his Wii Game (bowling of course) and he always looked forward to his many traveling trips with his sister and brother-in-law. Mark liked chocolate peanut butter ice cream and ice cream sundaes without the nuts. Basically, he knew how to live and boy he did! People met Mark and just liked him immediately. He was that kind of person.
We met Kim Adams, founder of "Gifts From the Heart For Downs" at the Albany Medical Center in Albany, New York, when Mark was going through medical tests many years ago. The transplant unit was checking to see how Mark's kidney condition was doing and when and how he would receive a new kidney. Mark didn't have to look very far because I was an exact match and was able to donate my kidney to Mark on August 23, 1999. Mark did very well and had over 10+ years with the new kidney. When Mark became ill this year, we never realized he would leave us forever. Mark's passing has been very sad for everyone that knew Mark and cared for him. He is not forgotten because when you remember Mark it will put a simile on your face. There were so many memories of Mark's life and they were all very special. Wish you were here Mark, we all love you....
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Mark John Cieszynski
12/27/1959 to 08/06/2010
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